I'm 20, I'm a Photographer. I'm obsessed with all things Noir, Black and white, Leather, Nature and Percussion.
  • So I’m busy planning/writing/Scripting my first short film….#SayWhat #IDoMoreThanPhotos #Collaboration

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  • Monday Morning Latte #Coffee #Caramel

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  • Event Photographer Life!

  • may have figured out how to make every scene/emo pro photo ever….

  • Still can’t fathom how I have lost my glasses…. #NakedFace #NoGlasses

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  • Sneaky photographer reasons for dressing in Black and White when your shooting film #HumanLightMeter

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  • Nothing beats a early morning cup of #Tea 🍵

  • My Noodle game is strong #StudentLife

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  • In other news she is a cowardly piece of shit who needs to get a grip on reality

  • Wow. I think I just confused a guy by saying I was at Uni just to get my degree. Yes I understand its important to be social and friends, but honestly when you pay £9000 per year how can it not be your main, secondary and all other focus’s? If you really care you put that a side and work yourself to death for it because it matters almost more than anything else in the world, it’ll help build your success and give you a stable (ish) Future, why would I ruin that for alcohol?

    Maybe I just care to much.